SU & SL Racks Comparison

SU rack on Kawasaki KLR650 SL rack on Kawasaki KLR650

How are they different? This is a very good question. The SL rack is designed to carry soft luggage, while the SU can carry soft or hard luggage of any kind. In construction the SU differs in that the loop tubing is 3/4" square steel as opposed to 5/8" round. But even more important every SU rack has a third mounting point for greater strength. Finally it has a rear bumper which ties both sides together.

If you only want to carry soft luggage, then the SL rack is for you. If you might want to carry hard luggage at some time, then you need the SU. People use our SU rack for every kind of hard luggage imaginable. They fix the luggage to the rack using our mounting puck system. Our mount kits make it a cinch to take your panniers on and off.


  • SL Rack: The SL rack loop is 8" x 12".
    • SU Rack: The L to R inner dimension is 10.5 inches and inner bottom to bottom of pem insert is 5 1/8 inches. Although not usable the inner top of loop to bottom loop would be 7.5 inches. Thus overall outside measurements of the loop would be 12" wide and 9" tall since the loop is constructed of 3/4" square tube.