DR650 SU / Tail Rack Rules

The DR650 has several considerations when adding the Happy Trails SU Rack.

  1. Note that all DR650s come stock with grab handles
  2. If you want to add our SU rack to your bike equipped with grab handles but no tail rack then select the 9" SU rack option.
  3. If your bike is equipped with a Suzuki OEM tubular tail rack it will have simulated grab handles and in most cases will take our 12" SU rack. Earlier models were equipped with tail racks requiring our 9" SU rack.
  4. To determine which SU rack is needed you must measure from the center of the front bolt hole on the tail rack to the center of the turn signal mount. It will be either 9" or 12". Order your SU rack accordingly.
  5. If you want to reserve the option of adding a tail rack later then buy the 12" SU rack. (You will lose the grab handles.)
  6. If you purchase a Suzuki OEM tail rack from us it will require the 12" SU rack.
  7. If you purchase our Tail Plate System you will require the 12" SU rack.
  8. If you have (or plan to run) the PMB Rack-It system you can run the 9" SU as long as the bike has retained the grab handles.

So, in summary, steps 6-8 detail the only Tail Rack combinations compatible with our SU rack systems: OEM, Happy Trails Tail Plate System, or the Pro Moto Billet.