Clearview Windshield for KLR650

Choosing the Right Height for You

by Clearview

1. Looking Over the Shield

With the Correct Height Shield:

You will look over the shield by 1”-2” so you have a Clearview of the road ahead

The air will flow up, creating a nice pocket behind the shield

When the shield gets wet or fogs, you still have a Clearview over the top

Things to Consider:

Looking over the shield you will feel slightly more air than when looking through it, which may be an advantage in hot weather. There is also a slight chance of high flying debris contacting the rider over the top of the shield, though smaller objects will be carried over the rider with the airflow.

Checking the Height:

1) On a level surface, place an object on the ground 50 feet in front of your bike

2) Sit on your bike in your normal riding position

3) Your line of sight should go just over the top edge of the shield while looking at the object

4) If you do not have a level surface, the top edge of the shield should be at nose level

5) You want to just look over the top edge by about 1”-2” so it is not directly in your view

2. Looking Through the Shield

With the Correct Height Shield:

The rider and the passenger will have the quietest ride and the most protection

You will have a Clearview through the shield

The top edge of the shield will be 2”-3” above your line of sight

Things to Consider:

When you are looking through the shield, it is more difficult to see in the rain or if the shield fogs. You can use Rain-X on our shields which will help keep it clear. Also, in hot weather riding you do not have as much air flow. Our vent option helps if it is available in the shield you are looking at.

Checking the Height:

1) On a level surface, sit on your bike in your normal riding position

2) While looking straight ahead, measure the height that will be 2”-3” up from your line of sight

3) With this height, you will not have the top edge of the shield directly in your view

3. Measuring

There are 2 ways to measure the height:

1) Length – Measuring from the top of the shield to the bottom along the shield surface. On some of our shields where we have changed the angle of the shield for improved performance, the length may not be the recommended measurement because the length may actually be longer and the top edge of the shield may be lower due to the angle.

2) Vertical Height – Measuring at a 90 Degree Angle Straight up from a common point (Top edge of shield, tank, ignition, handlebars, etc.) This is the recommended method where vertical height measurements are listed.

We suggest having someone hold a tape measure or ruler so you can sit comfortably on your bike.