V-Strom 650 2012+

HTP7-5-16 Centerstand

Lowered bikes:

The centerstand will not work on lowered V-Strom 650's.

Not a Ride-Off Stand:

This stand is designed to be a work stand. It is not a ride off stand. It is designed to carry the load of the bike and luggage only. Do not sit on the bike with it on the center stand. The side stand MUST be deployed to extend or retract the center stand. We say that so you will not damage the springs.

Ground Clearance Note:

Installation of the centerstand reduces overall ground clearance by about 1.5" unless you have a skid plate (which already reduces clearance by about that same amount). However, the foot kick is tight and close to the swingarm so cornering clearance isn't reduced. Riders will hit their pegs or panniers before contacting the centerstand.

Rubber Bumper Stop:

Why do some manufacturer's centerstands have separate models for the 2012 year? This is because other manufacturers use the rubber bumper on the bottom of the '04-'11 models as a stop, and have a different part for the '12+ bikes. Our centerstand uses its own stop and does not rely on the rubber bumper as a stop.

SW-Motech Skidplate:

Our centerstand is compatible with the SW-Motech skidplate.

V-Strom 1000 Note:

this product is not compatible with the V-Strom 1000 and we are not planning on making a stand for that unit.