Prevent/Fix Rubbing on Fairing - Jim Eldridge

Q: How can I prevent/fix the Nerf bars from rubbing on my plastic fairing?

This is typically a case where the center "U" shaped bracket needs to be adjusted to balance the clearance on both sides.

Basic Steps:

    • Loosen all the bolts for the Nerf and EG3.
    • Tighten the left side of the aluminum clamp around the frame down tube a little more than right to pull it to the left as needed.
    • Once this "U" bar bracket is balanced between left/right fairings, make sure it is fully tight.
    • Then tighten the bolts at the corners of this "U" bar bracket (ie the points where you said they are rubbing.
    • Then tighten the crossovers bolts (points on side of the fairings at the opening)
    • Then finally tighten the lower points at the foot pegs.

This should help balance the left and right side to have enough clearance at all points

The key, from a person who has installed many of these over the years, is that the aluminum bracket at the frame tube (and thus the front "U" bar) must be properly placed and tightened first and then the rest of the Nerf will fall into proper alignment.