HT Top Box Mounting

Trail Dust contributor Doug Graham's Versys with a 43 Liter top box in bare aluminum

For mounting a Happy Trails top box you basically have two options: you can use bolts or you can use the QRL Quick Release Latch. Here's how to make either of these methods work.

    1. Least expensive and works very well: bolt your top box to your tail rack (if you don't have one we probably have one for you) with a $10 Isolator Mount Kit.
    2. If you have a Happy Trails tail plate system (available for some makes-models only) you can use the Isolator Mount Kit or the QRL Quick Release Latch (see #4 below)
    3. If you have a tubular tail rack an want a flat shelf for carrying other stuff when your top box is off the bike, you can put a luggage plate (usually the T3 Universal Luggage Plate) on top of your tail rack. Now you can mount the top box directly to the luggage plate with the isolator mount kit. Or you can go with the QRL Quick Release Latch... see #4 below.
    4. If you have a luggage plate or a tail plate system you can use the QRL Quick Release Latch. The QRL allows you to quickly and easily remove your top box from the bike and put it back on just as easily.

To find what's available for your motorcycle go to the find your bike page on our website and select your motorcycle. You will find top boxes with fitment options specifically for your bike.

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